South Beach

South Beach is not only a tourist destination, but has also been a popular residential area in Miami for a long time. Initially South Beach was a farmland in the 1800’s, predominantly coconut farming. In the early 1900’s, it began to develop into an oceanfront residence. In the 1930’s, Art Deco architecture began to arise, still marking South Beach with character and individualistic magnificence. The first area that was developed in Miami Beach, South Beach captures historic and beach town charm, but also has a strong metropolitan feel.

 Ft. Lauderdale

Ft. Lauderdale is located less than 25 miles north of Miami, a very popular tourist destination, with attention to its beautiful beaches. With hundreds of hotels and resorts, Ft. Lauderdale is prepared to continually host and welcome visitors. With over 4,000 restaurants, many shopping opportunities, golf courses, museums, campsites, marinas, and nightclubs, Ft. Lauderdale is a destination that never falls short of something to do. Ft. Lauderdale’s beautiful tropic climate causes this beach community to remain one of the most sought after places for visitors to vacation and locals to relax and enjoy.

 Coral Gables

Coral Gables is located southwest of downtown Miami and is a town filled with some of the areas first planned residential communities and home to the University of Miami. Mediterranean Revival Style architecture fills the community, which is also called “The City Beautiful” or “Gables.” Coral Gables is proud to be known as a pedestrian friendly destination, with close to 150 restaurants and fine establishments, such as the acclaimed and world-renowned Biltmore Hotel.

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove, also known as “The Grove,” is rich in natural and heavy vegetation and is the oldest modern community in the city of Miami. The Grove has made itself a very hip, life-filled, and inviting area in South Florida, attracting visitors to play and locals to settle down. Home to many events throughout the year, especially the well-known annual Coconut Grove Arts Festival, Coconut Grove is filled with excitement and fun. With much live entertainment, shops, natural beauty with lush tropical plant life and dining experiences, Coconut Grove is a lovely inviting spot for all ages in the Miami area.


Brickell serves the greater downtown Miami area, as an urban neighborhood. Being the major financial district to both Miami and South Florida, Brickell is bursting with office towers, hotels and apartment buildings. Once built to be “Millionaires Row,” Brickell has morphed into a predominantly residential area, as one of Miami’s fastest growing areas. With a vast population of wealthy Cuban, Nicaraguan, Colombian, Argentine and Venezuelan occupants, the culture remains rich in Brickell. Home to luxury and upscale high rises and apartment towers, Brickell still maintains its elegant and luxurious quality.